The following Labs are avaliable in Campus: 

Computers Lab
  1. The computer lab has 80 computers making it possible to give one computer to each student at a time.
  2. The use of Technology forms the crux of teaching and development methodology of the institute.
  3. The availability of upto date hardware and software ensures high quality of delivery of knowledge.
  4. We have entered into an agreement with MSDN for software licensing.
Computer Lab


Electrical Technology Lab
  1. Capable of performing all single phase and three phase experiments.
  2. Individual Experimental set-up.
  3. Guarded kits to prevent electric shock.
  4. Equipped with Modern highly precise Instruments.
Computer Lab


Mechanical Lab
  1. Mechanical lab is one of the best lab in our college.
  2. Each experiment is done by each and every students of our college.
  3. You will see a verity of machines in mechanical lab such as lathe m/c, welding m/c, drilling m/c & grinding m/c etc in our college.
  4. We also take care of students as well as machineries in mechanical lab.
Computer Lab

Computer Lab


Basic Electronics Lab
  1. Individual Experimental set-up.
  2. Guarded kits to prevent electric shock.
  3. Equipped with Modern highly precise Instruments
Computer Lab


Chemistry Lab
Computer LabComputer Lab


Physics Lab
Computer Lab


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