Applied Sciences And Humanities

Engineering student must have the basic understanding of these subjects: 
  • 1. Physics
  • 2. Chemistry
  • 3. Mathematics




The mother of all engineering branches is Physics. Engineering is also a form of applied science with Physics as an important part. Physics has applications in the construction of bridges, building, roads, houses, ships and boats. Knowledge of physics will help the common people to appreciate, comprehend and interact better with the environment. All the activities in our daily life involve the application of physics. Physics is involved in running automobiles and trains, moving objects, flying airplanes and kites, orbiting satellites, zooming jet planes, etc. It provides the students with problem solving, analytical, and quantitative abilities.



CHEMISTRY IS the branch of science that deals with the study of composition and properties of matter. Chemistry plays an important role in engineering. Chemistry is relevant to every walk of life. Without a chemical reaction there is no single moment in life. engineering chemistry forms a bridge between basic sciences and engineering subjects. Most importantly, engineers need to understand enough general chemistry to perform successfully in the workplace on multidisciplinary teams,. Communicating appropriate chemistry to an audience with different needs for chemistry can be a challenge and growth experience so, chemistry is needed everywhere in life.



Engineering Mathematics is the art of applying mathematics to complex real-world problems. It combines mathematical theory, practical engineering and scientific computing to address today’s technological challenges. The key skill of an engineering mathematician is mathematical modeling: the art of applying mathematics to complex real-world problems. Learning mathematics in a social context enables students to Acquire the tacit knowledge required in Workplace situations. 


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